Bottle Deposit Redemption Centers

If you are using plastic bags to separate and manage the materials you collect, WasteZero is here to help!

Let WasteZero be your go-to source for:

  • Clear Recycling Bags
  • Translucent Blue Recycling Bags
  • Extra Large Transport Bags
  • Bags Branded With Your Logo

Off-the-Shelf or Custom Solutions

WasteZero bags are made in the USA using recycled materials. We offer a full-range of stock products. However, if you want a customized solution, printed with your logo and other information, then we can do that! We offer custom:

  • Sizes
  • Closures (Twist-tie, drawstring, and more)
  • Colors
  • Printing (registered print or random)
  • Packaging Options
  • And more...


Use the Design Tool Below
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Contact Us

To help us better provide you the best service, please provide some additional information, or call us at (844) 269-0103 for more details