Because of our experience with complex waste reduction and recycling programs for municipalities, corporations, and non-profits, we are experts when it comes to distribution and logistics. Often, customers have complex needs involving many different types of bags being distributed to a wide variety of locations for different purposes.

For example, one of our customers, a large telecommunications company, uses different bag types for a corporate-wide program for recycling its industrial waste. We developed a solution that includes:

  • Bags
  • Distribution to hundreds of locations around the nation
  • Online order management

Other customers work with us for the same reason: They need more than just a bag…they need a partner to help design and run a complex program that uses bags.

Inventory Management and Distribution: Safe, Secure, On-Time, Worry-Free

Many of our customers have complex distribution needs, and we’ve built systems to serve those needs. We supply bags for hundreds of municipal PAYT programs nationwide. That means we must get millions of bags to more than a million people via thousands of retail outlets every week. That’s no small undertaking, but we do it so our customers don’t have to.

We have a deep understanding of managing inventories and logistics. We provide:

  • Active inventory management services to make sure you never run out of supplies
  • Safe and secure supply chain, with signature tracking
  • Unique ID tags for each case to help ensure quality control
  • Multiple secure warehousing locations
  • Customer service representatives
Retail Store Distribution

For any WasteZero waste diversion program, recycling bag program, or any other program that requires bags to be distributed through retail stores, WasteZero has you covered. We handle everything, including recruiting retailers, storing and managing inventories, receiving and processing orders, tracking and managing receivables, and accounting.

About Us

We’re an Experienced Manufacturing Solutions Partner Committed to Sustainability.

WasteZero® has been designing and delivering engineered custom bag solutions for 27 years.  WasteZero provides designs, manufactures and delivers all of its bags from within the United States for over 400 municipalities, corporations and a wide range of national non-profits. Always aspiring more than to be just a vendor, WasteZero provides its partners with complete solutions from accurate sizing and custom manufacturing all the way through to custom delivery. Learn more about the company here.

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