Reverse Vending Machines

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Reverse Vending Machine Manufacturers & Users

Bottle bills exist in 11 US states. In those states, reverse vending machines play a key role in the bottle redemption infrastructure. Some of those machines use internal bags to collect returned containers. Bags make emptying the machines easier, and they keep the insides of the machines cleaner.

WasteZero is a leader in custom-engineered bags for a variety of specialized uses. We design bags for reverse vending machines that have the optimum specifications for a given machine type:

  • Capacity
  • Construction
  • Guage (Thickness)

Closure Mechanism

We can also customize bags to meet customers’ needs:

  • Color Options
  • Printing (Branding and/or Instructions)
  • Packaging

Finally, we offer a range of value-added services to ensure our customers get the bags they need in the right places at the right times:

  • Secure Inventory Storage and Management
  • Complex Distribution and Logistics Support

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